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All About Us!

We are just regular people that love dachshunds.  We started with my Dad's dog; Fritz and have grown to have as many as 11 but now only have 9 all together at this time.  We are not experts, nor are we vets, but we consult a vet when we need one.  I grew up in the country and know plenty about breeding and raising animals. 


All Our dogs live in the house with us.  They are part of our family.  They are not brood stock.  They matter to us in a way that we can't tell you.  You would just have to own one of these personality laden animals to know.  When we travel we have NEVER kenneled our dogs.  They go with us wherever we go.  If we can't take them, we don't go. 


So, in this vein we reserve the right to refuse to sell one of our precious puppies!


That's Us!

This is us in December 2001 for Rick's birthday!

We are Richard "Rick" Carusi and Janet K. Taylor-Carusi

We live in Cottonwood Shores, in the Central Texas area outside of

Austin, Texas on Lake Marble Falls!

This webpage is created and updated regularly by

myself.  I started playing with web design because of the pond,

and then the dogs and eventually built a webpage for my genealogy!

Any comments are welcome!