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The Flag of Texas!        The horned toad; a Texas endangered species!       The Flag of the United States of America!

Texans and Americans!

Snowy has 4 puppies!  4 Boys!

Snowy's Puppies 12.11.2016

Shotzy, Hunee and Fritz!   

 This all began from my Dad buying Fritz our male dog.  From that we bought Shotzy, and then Hunee and eventually Bandit, and now we have added Nixie.  Both Shotzy and Hunee have produced litters of beautiful puppies.  Shotzy has also shown tendencies to produce puppies that are piebald.  Hunee has produced reds and black and tan puppies.  All our dogs live in the house and are part of our family.  We do not have runs for our dogs, they run the whole acre and come and go from the house at will.  The puppies are birthed in my bedroom and stay there until they are sold.  They all have the run of the house and yard.  As time goes on you lose the members of your family; we have lost Fritz, Shoty, and Hildie!  The rest still all live with us; we do not rehome our dogs!

We now have 6 doxies; all colors and flavors!


All of our dogs are AKC registered and attended regularly by a Veterinarian!

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December 24, 2016

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